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Who are we?

We are a student-led, student-centered neuroscience organization with the central goal of fostering a student neuroscience community within Caltech. This group is for anyone interested in neuroscience; whether you're researching something brain-related every day, building tools to help neuroscience research, or are merely interested. All options, all divisions welcome! 

Our mission
To nurture a strong, cohesive student neuroscience community at Caltech
How we do it?

We host a variety of creative events to get interesting interdisciplinary discussions, as well as fun and social events to get acquainted on a more personal level. After all, behind the lab coats and gloves, we are all still human!

  • Fireside chats with Professors
  • Neurotechers Socials
  • Book club
  • Movie nights
How do I get involved?
Join the mailing list (we promise to only e-mail 1-2 times per week!). Follow us on Twitter. Or, if you have any questions, e-mail us.